Welcome To TEFA

We welcome you to the TEFA family, we will provide you with quality services to easy and maximise your learning process.

Our Story

TEFA is a service provided by FOR ALL a startup based in Cameroon. It's team is made up of dynamic youths from schools like ENSP, ENSTP, FMBS, ENS who work 24/7 in-order to satisfy the needs of the TEFA users.

Our Mission

We are aim at providing Cameroonians with an easily accessible and cheaper means to prepare for competitive examinations into professional schools in Cameroon. Through this platform, cameroonians will be able to learn at their own pace and access education anytime, anywhere.

Our Vision

In the nearest future, cameroonians all over preparing to get into any professional school in Cameroon should be able to do so at a cheaper, easier and resourceful means through our TEFA platform.

Why Choose Us

We have the best teachers who are from the various professional schools, our fee is cheap and our service quality is the best

Our teachers are the best in their various fields and are also graduates from the best professional schools in Cameroon. They know what is required of the students writing the competitive exams and have prepared the information

With minimum cost, you can access at anytime, anywhere the best video lectures, questions and well explained solutions to adequately prepare you for competitive exams into professional schools.

All our students and teachers have the possibility to interact with each other on a forum. Through this forum, students can ask any questions, meet other students all over the country and also teachers can guide their students easily.

Our students take part in exams which are based on the standards of each entrance exam with all the exam questions being carefully selected from a vast question bank by our teachers.

Our Tutors


With our 4 years experience, we have been able to get a vast amount of lectures, teachers and students.