ForAll Starter Kit

Brief Description of the Kit

Most at times, we wonder how stuff like planes, cell phones, drones, washing machines, etc. are made???

To begin, it is by starting to learn how to build asmall digital thermometer, a small calculator, an automatic security system for our compounds, etc. as children or newbies into the world of electronics and robotics that we can start understanding how these things work and then start innovating from there like the Chinese man.

The solution is here at your disposal, with this kit and the tutorials on our platform which we offer practically for free, you would be able to realize:

  • Digital thermometer
  • Security system
  • Light Dependent Lighting system
  • Traffic light control system etc..

These are all prototypes that if you grasp the methodology behind with our kit, we are sure Africa will start fabricating their own electric cars in 10 years from now. The earlier you contact us for your tool kit the better. Our contacts:

MTN: (+237)678-113-152
Orange: (+237)690-738-859

Sample Videos